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Fast setting sheet-fed offset process inks

The RAPIDA senes from hubergroup is based on !NKredible inktechnology.
An incredibly superior range of inks based on a shared know-how between our customers and our technologists. The constituents of this process set are designed meticulously for offset printing. In this unique ink technology, we used a vehicle system keeping in mind the new generation high speed printing machines, more environmentally safe raw materials and a formulation approach that ensures machine friendly ink technology.
!NKredible inks have shown much superior performance in terms of setting, gloss and rub resistance. These !Nkredible inks are excellent in terms of emulsion stability and enhanced water tolerance. !NKredible inks are manufactured by using latest state of the art manufacturing technology that guarantees a high level of production reliability and best print performance.
RAPIDA series based on !NKredible technology having fast setting properties for quick turnaround and post-print operations. These process inks are meant for high productivity.

RAPIDA Process Set

    Light (BWS)** Alcohol Nitro Alkali
Yellow 41RP250 5 + + +
Magenta 42RP250 5 + +  
Cyan 43RP250 8 + + +
Black 49RP250 8     +
Note: Code for Asian countries will end with A i.e. 41RP250A, 42RP250A, 43RP250A, 49RP250A

Special Features

Press Performance

  • Good rheological behaviour
  • Easy to use - quick and stable ink-water balance
  • Suitable for all dampening system - with or without alcohol
  • Suitable for high speed printing
  • Duct-fresh

Print Performance

  • Very fast absorption and outstanding stacking properties with minimal powder spraying
  • Ideally suited to rapid turning and quick further processing
  • Excellent color intensity
  • Good print gloss on coated substrates
  • Excellent dot sharpness and trapping
  • Good rub resistance
  • Suitable for lamination job
  • Suited to infrared radiation drying.


The RAPIDA process inks constitute the fast setting series of sheet-fed offset inks. They are suitable for all sheet-fed offset presses and damping units, in particular for high-speed multi-color presses. Their excellent solvent release capabilities enable them to achieve very good stacking performance, immediate turning and rapid further processing, even on less absorbent printing stocks. RAPIDA ink series stands out due to its high color intensity and brilliancy. The pleasantly smooth, free- flowing consistency is particularly printer-friendly. Moreover, the system impresses through high dot definition and high-contrast finish.


Material safety data sheets are available on request. We advise to read the MSDS carefully before using the products

Characteristic Profile



Rub resistance:


Dot definition:




Work & Turn:


Suitability for 8-color Perfecting:


When food and confectionery packages are to be manufactured, the requirement laid down for such products must be fulfilled:
- avoidance of changes in the smell and taste of the package contents
- migration must remain within the limits set
- the colours of the package contents must not change
Further information on this subject can be found in the information sheet entitled "Printing Inks for Food Packages” published by the Association of Printing Ink manufacturers.
High requirements with respect to sensory effects are fulfilled by our CORONA-GA 5015(low odour* and CORONA-H GA 5028) 10w odour* and low-hexanali ink senes.
If the printing stock used for manufacturing the packaging possesses adequate barrier properties. There is no migration into packaging contents. In the case of special requirements specifying the avoidance of migration to the greatest possible degree, we recommend you use our sheetfed offset ink senes CORONA-MGA 5045 (low migration sensory-neutral, suitable for absorbent stocks only).


RAPIDA process color is supplied ready to use. Under exceptional circumstances, to adapt the process inks to special printing conditions, additives should be used which are compatible with the highly developed binder system. 
Use Paste Reducer 10 T 9999 or Gel Tack Reducer PM - 2004 for reducing the tack on printing substrates sensitive to picking,
To accelerate oxidative drying, use MONSUN 10 S 726501 paste drier Quick Fix PC—0605.

Available Packing

  • 1.0 Kg Vacuum-sealed can
  • 2.5 Kg Vacuum-sealed can
  • 2.0 Kg Cartridge


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