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New V Tin Printing


Technical Information

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NewV®  Tin Printing inks

ITX – free, UV – curing ink for printing on white-coated or transparent primered tin plate.




General properties


  • Good adhesion on non – absorbent substrates
  • High colour intensity
  • High Gloss
  • ITX – free
  • Rapid adjustment of a stable ink / water balance
  • Colour shades in accordance with ISO 2846-1 and ISO 12647-2
  • Draw ability
  • Sterilization ability



Process Ink


Fastness properties according to ISO 12040 / ISO 2836



Light WS



UV – coating

























Table1: Resistances of the NewV poly standard process inks



Range of applications


The NewV poly series are suitable for:

  • White-coated tin plate.
  • Transparent primered tin plate.


We recommend application of a UV varnish in order to provide effective protection of the printed image (see TI about “NewV lac for UV curing”).


The adhesion of UV – curing inks and varnishes to plastic films, cast – coated stocks and pretreated metal surfaces may be negatively influenced by separating agents, lubricants or plasticisers adhering  to these surfaces (especially plastic films). (We advise against printing on unpretreated metal surfaces due to unfavourable adhesion characteristics between UV ink / varnish films and the substrate  surface.) Good resistance to the adhesive (Scotch) tape test does not necessarily imply good scratch resistance (nail test). In such cases, overvarnishing with UV-curing varnishes can help improve scratch resistance. At any rate, UV – cured inks and varnishes must have good tape resistance in order to ensure trouble-free further processing. Due to the differences between the various materials mentioned above, we recommend you carry out tests prior to beginning the print run.









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More information

For more information, see TI “NewV UV-curing inks and varnishes”.

The special formulation of our NewV Tin system causes an optimal adherence on non-absorbent substrates. This can determine an increased swelling-performance on mixed-rollers.

Therefore we recommend a pre-inspection of the swelling-performance in case of using the NewV Tin

series in combination with mixed rollers.


Food and confectionery packaging

More information on the subject of food and confectionery (semi-luxury foods and tobacco) packaging can be found in the information sheet entitled „Printing inks for food packaging“ published by the German Printing Ink Manufacturers’ Association and in TI about „NewV UV inks and varnishes for food packaging“.


Printing auxiliaries

The inks are always supplied ready to use. The following auxiliaries are available to help you adjust the process inks in exceptional cases:

§NewV sup Reducer Paste              40 U 1002 (reduces tack)

  • NewV sup Activator Paste             40 U 1003


For further auxiliaries, see TI about „NewV sup UV printing auxiliaries“.



Safety Data Sheet available upon request.


Shelf life

At least 12 months when stored under the correct conditions (20°C, protected against heat and light).


How supplied

2.5-kg cans
























Contact addresses for advice and further information can be found under www.hubergroup.comThis Technical information sheet reflects the current state of our knowledge. It is designed to inform and advise. We assume no liability for correctness. Modifications may be made in the interest of technical improvement.

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